Online Discussion Forum

What is discussion forum?

This is a online public place where open discussions on judicial, political, and other issues were held. The places under which members can start their discussions or posts.
Logically forums are organized into a set of generic topics (usually with one main topic) driven and updated by a group known as members, and governed by a group known as moderators.

1. Fill the registration form and provide some information in order to become as a member of that forum.
2. On the front page, you should see list full of sections, usually called "forums".
3. Within one of these "forums", you should see a list of forum topics are discussed earlier, each with a thread name and sometimes with a description and its "icon".

There are mainly three features:
1. User who is currently not login. (limited access).
2. User who currently login. (have control to its own account).
3. admin pannel (High access too all the users data and have control too all the comments).

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