Liberary Management Software


In the world of technology, education and anything related to it are shifting to computerized environment. So, the papers and manual systems became almost outdated due to its time consuming and inflexibility. Computerized systems is today’s norm and this is future. The workload libraries had become very difficult to manage the students order and books booked by them, that’s when library management systems comes into the plot. We design a flexible, easy to use, very friendly and cost-effective librarie management system that reduce the work load of librarians.
Library management software (LMS) is a ground-breaking and state-of-the-art software developed to maintain and manage the basic catalog functions of library.
LMS is the foundation of the library, providing the basis from which marketing information, administrative tasks, customer communications and service delivery all run.

This software had very many features which represent its functionalities, security, performance and efficiency. It uses PHP/Java as its main developed language and MYSQL as back-end database.
It has Insertion to database module, where authentication, authorization, retrieval of data, saving data all happens. User friendly screens: a very attractive and easy to understand screens which you will need no experience to communicate with the system.
Search engines: searching any resource from using search engine and you willget your results instantly without delay.
Borrowing a list of books: pick a book your’e interested in and take it with you.

Admin will control the whole system;
1. He is able to insert new books into the system so that any student can get their satisfied book through a search engine. Update books so that any books that are recently there can be updated according per student’s wish of getting and update version of the same book.
2. Delete any current books that are there or more over- remover or any students. Display a list of possibly downloadable books form the book bank in the admin panel.
3. Manage students by deleting, adding, activating and deactivating as well.

Student will register to the system before logging by Admin in by a means of filling a form and providing credentials like — Username, Email and passwords which will be saved in back-end database. Once the student is registered, he/she can carry login and carry out their rightfully owned functions and privileges. Every student has a dashboard, when he can perform functions like :-
1. Search a book : look for books interested through a search engine, if the books searched are available, they will be returned otherwise, no book will be returned. Don’t worry, students will be notify by the librarian any book of their choice, it will be updated and notify when it will ready.
2. Book Issued : The book that have been issued to students by the librarian- its name, id, the date issued, submission date and the return date of the book.
3. Messaging: You are able to message the admin or the librarian any possible books of your choice that you can’t find in the system.
4. Update profile: student has the ability to update their profile, changing their emails, passwords, name, mobile numbers, addresses and so on.
5. Log out part: Can log out of the system when they are satisfied.

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